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The New Media Playbook for Advertisers: The Optimizer

01/03/2023 - Sierra Ducey

Consumers expect a seamless brand experience across all channels. Fortunately, you can improve this experience by delivering personalized ads on traditional, legacy, and emerging channels.


Advertisements are a valuable asset in any marketer’s toolbox, allowing consumers to gain knowledge of a brand or product or find solutions to their pain points. However, understanding your consumers’ entire customer journey and where they spend time online is essential to create a comprehensive but not overwhelming omnichannel advertising strategy.


Many consumers find viewing the same ads in the same place over and over to be bothersome and annoying. Statistics show that more than 69% of U.S. adults think that ads on streaming services are extremely repetitive, while more than 79% report being bothered by this. An integrated digital advertising strategy connects all advertising channels to ensure consumers are reached but not bothered during their viewing.


In 2022, advertisers need to engage in effective practices to ensure consumer satisfaction. And considering the uptick in consumers spending more time streaming TV and using social and audio platforms like Spotify and TikTok, now is the time to test out emerging channels if your business hasn’t begun to do so already.


Maximizing New Channels


Digital marketing has evolved in the past decade, with consumers using legacy channels such as radio and cable TV less and less. We’re seeing consumers even moving away from “older” social platforms like Facebook. This evolution is primarily due to the emergence of new digital channels. Think Spotify rather than radio, Hulu rather than cable TV, and TikTok rather than Facebook. All of these newer channels offer unique advertising experiences that advertisers should be eager to engage with to expand traditional advertising forms.


Utilizing integrated marketing best practices will ensure you can advertise your brand on multiple channels and reach the widest audience possible. Given the major shift in the number of consumers using online social and audio platforms, it only makes sense to incorporate effective advertisements in these locations.


Optimizing for Today’s Consumers


Many advertisers are excited about these emerging channels and the opportunities to get their message in front of consumers in new and engaging formats. Some have begun to dip their toes into these practices with test budgets.


If you’re in this bucket, have found success, and are ready to make these emerging channels a mainstay of your digital advertising strategy, you’re an “optimizer.”


Optimizers have already taken a few steps into emerging channels, but they know they need to be more strategic and purposeful to optimize their investments. By understanding how to best work as an optimizer, you can ensure your marketing campaigns run as efficiently as possible.

If you’re an optimizer, you already have successful advertising campaigns under your belt but often find yourself looking for ways to amplify your business further and generate consumer recognition. You have tested several methods to find which works best for your business. But you are always looking to streamline processes, identify and eliminate redundant efforts, and increase the efficiency of the overall process. Much of the time, you understand that this comes from implanting new tools, channels, and tactics into your strategy, so you’re always on the lookout for the next best thing and ways to, unsurprisingly, optimize your current strategy.


Steps Optimizers Can Take for Success


As an optimizer, you have a lot on your plate and ambitious goals. Fortunately, we’ve outlined three simple things you can do to streamline your advertising process and set your marketing efforts up for success:


1. Make the most of emerging channels.

Creating advertisements specifically tailored for CTV, digital audio, podcasts, and DOOH is the first step toward marketing success in the digital age. As you continue to work within these platforms, you’ll reach a point where it is essential to shift these traditional “lean-back” channels into lean-forward channels.


This shift might look like utilizing QR codes for interaction with CTV or DOOH ads or implementing unique ad formats that inspire action from an audience. It’s essential to stay informed about the latest channels and platform developments so you don’t miss out on any opportunities to improve the experience for your customers and shift your investments in these channels from awareness tactics to conversions.


2. Consider blended buys.

In the digital age, it’s important to look beyond direct publisher or channel-centric buys. Consider blended buys to drive cost efficiency down and to help optimize toward that ideal omnichannel strategy. This will help you reach your goals faster and more effectively.


3. Integrate cross-channel reporting.

Ensuring your advertising campaigns are tracked and reported across all channels and platforms will help guarantee you understand how your new media investments are paying off. With any new form of advertisement, you must track your digital marketing KPI benchmarks to see what is and is not working. You can additionally use this information to drive your return on investment.


Ready to Take the Next Step?


It’s an exciting time in digital marketing because of new opportunities and channels. However, advertisers often have to do more with fewer resources. So optimising what is working well will enable you to reach the largest audience most strategically.


Despite your best marketing efforts, some tasks are too big for optimizers alone. Seeking the help of an agile media partner would allow you to gain exclusive partnerships across the entire media landscape. Numerous factors contribute to media costs and performance. Fortunately, working with an agile media partner will ensure your marketing efforts are performing to the best of their ability, no matter the situation.


At Digilant, we work across a full suite of industry-leading vendors atop our analytics expertise and top-tier service to ensure our clients are equipped with the best media strategies and plans to reach their target audiences and goals. Download “The New Media Playbook for Advertisers” to see how these media strategies can work for your business in 2023.


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