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Heard on the Street: Diversifying the Digital Ad Stack

09/10/2020 - Sierra Ducey

“The reason that brands now want to work with fewer partners is because they want a holistic view of what’s happening. So if they’re working with too many partners, they’re data-siloed and don’t get a full picture. So by working with an end-to-end partner, [they can] make sense out of the whole puzzle.”

Heard on the Street Episode 56: Diversifying the Digital Ad Stack

with Digilant CEO, Raquel Rosenthal

Brand advertising has gone through a transformative period… and we’re not talking about a pandemic. Of course, the entire ad world has been upended in the past six months, but ample change was already underway beforehand. The evolution of customer data and in-housing are two factors driving brand advertising’s transformation.

One company that is natively primed for this ongoing transformation is Digilant. As we discussed with CEO Raquel Rosenthal on the latest episode of Heard on the Street, the company offers a multi-faceted service model that both diversifies its market opportunity and mitigates its risk as a player in the ever-shifting advertising world.

This multi-faceted approach includes interlocking pieces such as ad tech software, agency services, and consultancy services. These can be mixed and matched in various ways. For example, clients can use Digilant’s software for in-house brand marketing work or rely on the company as more of a full-service agency.

“Since Digilant started as an ad tech company, we’re differentiating as a new type of emerging agency and consultancy. We have deep knowledge of data, technology, analytics. From our DSP/DMP days, we have product and engineering and data science teams and expertise. We have knowledge of how ad tech and martech technology fits together.”

Listen to the full Podcast here.

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