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Election 2020: 6 Solid Ways Political Advertisers Can Win With CTV

09/15/2020 - Sierra Ducey

(Toolbox Marketing) Election 2020: 6 Solid Ways Political Advertisers Can Win With CTV 

With the Trump vs Biden election day around the corner, many political advertisers are gearing up their plans for a historic campaign season. But with COVID-19 and mail-in voting concerns, many are shifting messaging and considering alternative approaches to reach voters where it counts.

As more people are at home and in front of the big screen, connected TV (CTV) is shaping up to be the platform of choice for savvy political advertisers who choose to drive voters efficiently and effectively to the polls. According to eMarketer, political advertising in the 2019/2020 election cycle would reach $6.89 billion. Another study by Centro suggested that 63% of respondents consider CTV as one of the top five most promising developments for their digital campaigns. As political advertisers are recognizing the need for data-driven political campaigns, in this exclusive interview with Toolbox Marketing, experts share why CTV offers both audiences reach and return on ad dollars.

Here are the top ways experts think political advertisers can win with CTV in the 2020 election campaign:

1. Offers an Audience of Young Voters and Powerful Targeting Capabilities

Raquel Rosenthal, CEO of Digilant

“The top reasons political advertisers should turn to CTV/OTT are to stay in-step with voters. For political advertisers, the saying “go where your customers are” can be translated as “go where the voters are”. As streaming continues to surge, this means including CTV in media buys to reach high propensity and on the fence voters. By laying on comprehensive first party and third-party donation and voter data on top of standard demographic data, political advertisers can enhance campaign storytelling with immersive full-screen ads.

“It’s no secret that the rise of CTV and content streaming, in general, is having a huge impact on how political advertisers are investing in media spend this election season. But, if I had to boil it down to what elements of CTV will have the greatest impact on voter engagement, it’s the unmatched audience of young voters and powerful targeting capabilities both of which come at a cost that can’t be matched with linear TV.”

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