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12 Online Digital Marketing Analytics Tools for Growing Businesses

05/06/2021 - Liz Cerrone

To engage your target audience(s), properly implementing data is key. The best way to begin this is by using the best online marketing analytics tools. These tools help support the digital marketing strategy by measuring and managing performance.

What do these online marketing analytics tools provide? These tools may include following features or capabilities:

  • Data from all channels in the marketing mix
  • Reports
  • Competitive analysis
  • Tracking for campaigns
  • Competitive analysis
  • Attribution modeling
  • Revenue funnel analysis
  • Optimization & predictive analysis
  • Forecasting

These online marketing analytics tools get the job done:

Moat Analytics

This is a cross-platform analytics software that helps gather information on ad impressions and content views to measure and drive attention through watching exposure, quantifying the audibility of messages, and measure viewability in-geo and in-demo in real-time. Features include data unification; video ad impressions analysis; mobile web analytics; and in-app ad measurement in display and video.



This tool uses AI-powered technology to gather data to drive decision-making. This tool has data integration, insights engine, and activation engine components with cross-channel visibility. Performance marketing is enhanced with one-click dashboards of the most important marketing KPIs. Features include the ability to centralize your marketing reporting; create expert dashboards, reports, and AI-powered insights; and optimize performance by making data actionable.



This is a SaaS platform designed for larger businesses. The data gathered through this platform is turned into actionable insights, revealing patterns and relationships within a dataset. Features include the ability to create data-driven buyer personas; uncover hidden audience segments; identification of relevant influencers and partnerships; monitor audience dynamics and trends; empower your content strategy and uncover insights faster.



This platform offers an integration with Google Analytics. Reports and dashboards that do not require IT involvement make this an attractive tool to use. Features include uploading advertising cost data to Google Analytics and the ability to push advertising data to your backend or BI system with one API. This helps analytics match advertising data to measure ROI based on sales.


Marketo Engage

This software helps measure the impact of marketing efforts and drive lasting customer engagement by listening to consumer behavior across email, web, social, and advertising channels. This software helps trigger communications across all digital channels based on mobile environment behaviors. Features include CRM integration; program and campaign analysis; an email and landing page creator; email marketing; web personalization; revenue analysis; user segmentation, user behavior tracking, and more. There is a wide range of services to choose from with no limit on the market size with a detailed market analysis.



This software provides cross-channel reports and visualization software to aggregate advertising data in any visualization tool. Users enjoy an all-in-one custom dashboard with performance details, attribution models, detailed statistics, an ad channels report, and Google Sheet integration.



This platform combines data best practices with marketing best practices. Using automated data management, total visibility into cross-channel marketing performance, integrated campaign planning, omnichannel analytics, real-time dashboards, and scorecards, and marketing KPIs. The platform delivers data aggregation, data cleansing and validation, and more.



This software provides analytics for business growth, delivering metrics on customer conversion, engagement, and retention. Features include a data explore, multi-path channels, data manager, intelligent dashboards, and a user explorer to understand customer behavior.



This tool is a sales performance analytics solution. Users get information from pre-built reports on every major sales metric. Features include custom configuration; a simple report builder; multiple data connectors; unlimited logins; custom alternative values, historical trending; insight feed; sales analytics, and reports and marketing analytics.



This software is used among the world’s largest brands across digital marketing. This tool has privacy GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), a customer data platform, tag management mobile tag management, and a privacy enterprise. The benefits include an easy to install GDPR; easy GDPR compliance and data destiny control.


Google Analytics

This popular software collects customers and their purchase history from websites, as well as behavioral data from different systems. Features include collection APIs, tag management support, data access, filtering and manipulation, funnel analysis, custom variables, shopping, and checkout funnels, and more. Users have access to user flow reporting, visualization and monitoring audience demographics, multi-touch attribution, predictive analytics, remarketing integrations, and more.



This tool uses a proprietary mix of search algorithms, crowd-sourcing, and machine learning. This works to provide accurate opinion data to organizations around the world. Users are able to better understand and support strategic business objectives with custom operational reporting, and custom dashboards and scorecards.



This all-in-one reporting platform gives users the ability to deliver SEO, PPC, social and call tracking reports in a PDF or dashboard. Features include SEO reporting, budget monitoring, integrations, call tracking, and campaign monitoring. Client reporting can be automated while reporting PPC progress to clients and monitoring the budget spend for clients. NinjaCat provides white label dashboards, white-glove setup and service, 24/7 support, and best practices.


Using Marketing Analytics To Get The Insights You Need

The right tools make a difference when gathering data to make good business decisions. The right data not only helps identify the right target market but indicates what tactics are working and which ones need refining. Although there are a number of tools on the market, the three most important factors are usability, need, and affordability. The online analytics tools listed are just a few on the market that address every size business and price point. From measuring media strategy to insight on what your competitors are doing, these tools provide in-depth knowledge at high levels.

The most valuable asset you can have when figuring out which tools work the best is to have a team that delivers the metrics you need using the software you can use. The team at Digilant understands the necessity of utilizing the best tools to gain the metrics and insight you need. For more information on online marketing analytics solutions and how best to implement them while working with a trusted partner, contact Digilant today.

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