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The Best Advanced Audio Strategies to Add to Your Marketing Efforts

04/21/2022 - Sierra Ducey

Traditional and digital advertising share two common goals: find consumers where they are and connect with them in the best ways at the best times in the best places. That said, digital advertising strategies enable advertisers to more easily pick and choose where and when they appear to consumers.

With digital audio advertising specifically, it’s becoming ever more possible to reach people throughout the day as they tune in to their favorite stations, platforms, and podcasts. Advertisers can connect with users listening on their computers or phones, after work, on their morning walks, or at bedtime. The possibilities are endless.

How Digilant Helps Advertisers Implement an Effective Advanced Audio Strategy

Digilant’s Advanced Audio Solutions help advertisers achieve everyday integration through inventory, premium supply partners, and data-driven targeting.

  • Inventory. Inventory refers to our network of leading global audio providers, through which advertisers can reach thousands of premium stations and connect with consumers wherever they are, from iHeart Radio to Spotify Podcasts and beyond.
  • Premium Supply Partners. Supply-side partners and demand-side partners ensure we can tap into this extensive audio inventory supply. Our partnerships with AdsWizz, Pandora, and Spotify, help us work strategically with clients no matter their goals.
  • Targeting. Personalization ensures that we get the right audio in the right ears. Targeting can happen in various ways. We can target digital streaming audio by weather, theme, local points of interest, or even the type of speaker through which the user is listening.

These strategies are uniquely positioned to ensure advertisers effectively connect with consumers as their digital habits shift and evolve. Throughout the pandemic, consumers shifted even more toward digital streaming audio, and this trend isn’t slowing down. Now advertisers can capitalize on a digital audio listenership that represents a more engaged audience in which consumers have a higher brand recall.

We used an advanced audio strategy in recent work with a fast-casual restaurant. The restaurant’s goal was to drive customers, especially families, to different franchise locations. We used a combination of tactics — including audio ads with data-driven targeting, retargeting, and sequential messaging via banner ads — to encourage online orders and in-store visits across the restaurant’s 60 locations. In the end, the campaign drove a 95% audio completion rate and a 25.76% standard lift. Needless to say, audio advertising is as powerful in practice as it is on paper. 

The Best Audio Advertising Tactics for Digital Advertisers Today

The best advanced audio advertising strategies use several tactics to target and reach listeners throughout their daily routines. Here are some of the most important to include as you integrate audio ads into your marketing efforts.

1. Advanced targeting

This tactic gives you a wealth of ways to direct your messages to the people who will find them most relevant and interesting. For example, you could target based on first, second, and third-party data parameters, including CRM, location, and device.

2. Sequential targeting

 Targeted sequential messaging allows you to message groups of listeners across different formats once they’ve engaged with your audio. You can then target and retarget audio listeners with video, native, or display banners across mobile, desktop, TV, or social platforms.

3. Measurement

When setting audio KPIs, you need to quantify success in a way that is appropriate to the audio environment. Because engagement is different in audio advertising, some podcast metrics might include impressions and genre, while important radio streaming metrics might focus on geo breakdown or listen-through rate. It’s up to you to decide which metrics are most important for your brand.

4. Attribution

Once you’re targeting and measuring, you can use an attribution tool, like AdsWizz’s powerful attribution pixel, to track conversions that are happening across devices. Integrate with a further app like Foursquare, and you can connect to foot traffic data, too, giving a more thorough picture of your listeners’ journeys.

5. Reporting

It’s important to practice transparent reporting with your metrics. You should actively report and review your impressions, reach, and frequency metrics, as well as landing page visits and sales. By partnering with an end-to-end omnichannel partner that prioritizes transparent reporting, you can visualize how your digital audio campaigns fit into your full suite of marketing strategies.

6. Partners

When you have access to a wide and evolving list of global audio partners, you can adapt your digital advertising strategies according to your goals and your listeners. We partner with demand-side platforms like AudioGO and The Trade Desk and private marketplaces like Spotify and Amazon Music; and we have network partners, too — our relationship with iHeart Radio means we can reach millions of listeners as they go about their daily lives.

Audio ads give you the power to accompany your audience throughout their day: while they work, while they work out, while they eat, and while they relax. By partnering with diverse platforms and audio solutions, you can expand and deepen the impact your brand has as well.

If you want to learn more about advanced audio ad strategies, check out our webinar on how to leverage digital audio and podcast advertising this year. Ready to incorporate advanced audio advertising into your media mix? Contact us today to get started.

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