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Apple’s IDFA Change: Call It Advertising Shockwave: The Prequel!

04/26/2021 - Sierra Ducey

Apple’s IDFA Change: Call It Advertising Shockwave: The Prequel!

By  Mike Addonizio via Street Fight Mag

Beginning with its iOS 14 update this week, Apple will require apps to ask users for permission (opt-in) to collect and share data on all Apple devices, most notably iPhones.

That’s just potentially one shoe dropping in the mobile advertising space. Google has yet to announce whether it will follow suit and make the Android Advertising ID (AAID) on Android devices opt-in as well at some point.

Because it has become so mobile-centric, how Facebook/Instagram adjusts to the lack of identifiers on Apple devices may provide a broad template for advertising on mobile devices, while also offering clues for how to execute desktop advertising once targeting becomes more challenging…

Mobile advertisers looking to continue to engage audiences on Apple devices should already be preparing for the post-IDFA world and beyond. But many of those broad lessons will need to be applied in the post-third-party cookie desktop world soon enough.

To learn more about the unknowns or Post-IDFA and options for advertisers, read the full piece here.

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