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Join the Digilant team for our four-week workouts series with San Diego-based trainer, John Gunn, every Wednesday at 11:30 AM.

Each week these 30-minute HIIT-style strength training workouts will have a different focus, such as core & conditioning, or unilateral strength and stability.

All of the classes are at-home friendly. So, if you don’t have dumbbells or medicine balls, we’ll share plenty of suggestions for substitutions.

Take a quick break during your day to get fit and energize yourself to tackle the rest of your afternoon. Workouts begin on March 17th!


Meet Our Trainer, John Gunn

Since elementary school John Gunn has been involved in athletics. Whether it was peewee football or baseball, college rugby, cycling, yoga, ultra-running, and even a brief bout of amateur MMA, he has always found it important to not only maintain a physically active lifestyle and a competitive mentality, but to constantly challenge himself while learning new skills along the way, and this is the same attitude he brings to his workouts.

John studied Kinesiology and Human Performance at the University of Wisconsin and is currently certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer and is working toward a Corrective Exercise Specialist certification.

More about John

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