A Guide for Advertisers:
Ramping Up After a

Earlier this year, advertisers were forced to change how they look at their digital advertising strategy. Through conversations with our own clients, at brands and agencies, we found that there is no conclusive answer to questions concerning how to safely invest advertising dollars, but we did find that there were some quick wins to be had for advertisers who are willing to shift their strategy to join the momentum behind digital adoption.

We’ve taken a look at how a strategic channel and tactic mix can be practically applied to get your brand on-track for maximum success during the second half of 2020. For recommendations and considerations, download the full report.

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What You’ll Learn

How to use consumer insights to inform your media investments.

Actionable steps you can take NOW to realign your strategy with current business challenges.

Why you should look to your current customers to drive new customer acquisition.


Digilant is an omni-channel digital advertising partner, built to take advertisers from now to next.


Work hand in hand with a team of programmatic, search, and social experts who are as knowledgeable as they are quick.


We assume responsibility for your business and stay focused on business outcomes.


We are a team of biddable media experts who bring a fresh creative perspective and executional scale to paid media execution.


Data and analytics are the bedrock of how we approach digital strategy.


We build strategies designed specifically for your marketing and business goals.

We Combine Smart Tactics with Technology

Bringing effective digital marketing solutions to agencies and brands means operating as an innovative and omni-channel media solutions provider.