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There’s a lot going on right now. Social distancing is impacting how we all do business and we know there is concern over the days ahead. Not only do you have to worry about your health and the health of your family, but you have to find the best path forward for pursuing your company’s objectives for the year. We are (and have always been) optimists and believe that we will get through this together.

The thing is though: we know consumers are watching their pennies, but they are still spending money and buying products from brands they trust. In fact, Amazon and membership club stores like Costco are seeing a serious uptick in sales.

At Digilant, we’ve been talking to our customers, partners, and industry peers over the last week and recognize there is a need for content that helps fill essential needs for marketers. That’s why we’ve created a content hub where you can find our thinking on the latest consumer insights and concrete actions you can take today to help mitigate long term impacts of COVID-19.

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