Strategic solutions that drive positive results for healthcare marketers.

We help marketers connect with modern consumers in meaningful ways. We build and execute strategies that offer quick wins and long term performance so our clients can meet consumers where they are: online, in-app, streaming, and beyond. 

Below you’ll find some of the companies we’ve worked with, a look at who we are, and our thinking on how health insurance companies can be successful in digital.

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About Us
programmatic advertising agency programmatic advertising agency


67% of our multi-year clients hit their business goals by Q2 of this year.


We have a mix of 14 different types of media live right now for clients.

programmatic advertising agency programmatic advertising agency


While our agency group has only been in business for 5 years, our multi-year clients have stayed with us for over 3.5 years.

Our Thinking


How consumers are buying healthcare is changing rapidly, especially during this highly sensitive time. Can healthcare brands keep up? 

At Digilant we reject the notion that healthcare is a “low-interest” category. It’s just an elusive one. Consumers spend a lot on it. You can’t always see or touch it. And even when consumers don’t need care, they perceive that they end up paying a lot for it.

So when healthcare companies entrust us with their brands, we set out to amplify their message to help build consumer trust. Through our strategic approach to digital marketing, we present their products and services in the right context online and with approachable messaging and creative. We bring messages of wellness and safety to the palm of their hands via mobile screens and to comfort of their couches via smart TVs.

The best healthcare brands find opportunity in risk; we find it at the intersection of data and insights, the perfect channel mix, and creative strategy that moves the needle. Because healthcare is only “low-interest” if your media partner lets it be.