Hojas de Producto

Consumer Persona

CONSUMER PERSONA is a “Dynamic Behavior” discovery, targeting and insights programmatic data solution. Consumer Persona leverages RTB, Third Party, Second Party and First Party data to customize a “Dynamic Behavior” model, that can be used to execute media buys using Digilant’s DSP or an external DSP across devices. Download

Soluciones Personalizadas de publicidad Programática y Datos

At Digilant we partner with our customers to customize digital media solutions that seamlessly plug into their overall brand strategy. Whether you need a Demand Side Platform (DSP) or Data Management Platform (DMP) or an integrated advertising platform, we can create a marketing solution that works best for your business. Our experienced team of digital …

Cross-Device Solution

According to Nielsen the average U.S. consumer has an average of 4 connected devices, each with its own identity. If targeted individually this can result in siloed media spend and reduced ROI. Digilant links all these devices into a single cross-device ID using deterministic and probabilistic matching, targeting users on multiple screens with near-perfect precision …

Page Index

PAGE INDEX is a solution that is unique to the programmatic advertising industry in that it enables advertisers to cost effectively extend the reach of their campaigns by identifying hyper-relevant endemic content in new places.

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