#DigiLeader Andreu Martin

#DigiLeader Andreu Martin

We are proud to announce our first #DigiLeader: Andreu Martin. Andreu has worked at Digilant as part of the Media Strategy team for nearly four years and now sits as a Senior Media Strategist and our Partner Liaison. Andreu is a pivotal member of the Digilant team – bringing his can-do attitude to any situation, he goes above and beyond to help all members of the DigiFamily. Beyond all the incredible work he does for the media strategy team, Andreu’s contagious laughter, “tiki talk” and positive attitude lightens up the Boston office everyday.

Andreu was chosen as this month’s DigiLeader specifically for his tremendous work in lead generation campaigns. Lead generation campaigns, just as it sounds, create leads for a company in the form of subscribing to a newsletter, filling out a form, signing up to receive emails, etc. These campaigns require time and attention to ensure clients reach their ideal target audience, in turn, solidifying these leads. Lead generation is one of the most important solutions a company can use in order to fully know and interact with their consumers.  

“We always leave a little proof in our proposals, like Picasso in his art” – Tiki Talk

We are so lucky to have Andreu as part of the Digilant family and truly appreciate his hard work and dedication towards creating amazing proposals for our team. He is a true #DigiLeader. Check out the video below to hear what Andreu has to say about lead generation and working at Digilant!

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A #Digileader is a team player who motivates, achieves and exceeds expectations. They are passionate, savvy and always willing to go the extra mile. #DigiLeaders are programmatic pioneers who serve as your experts in omni-channel solutions with integrity and transparency.

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