Webinar: The Depreciation of Third-Party Cookies

February 11, 2021 | 3:00 PM EST

Join the Digilant team for the latest installment of our Get Smart Series – a webinar outlining the changes, impacts, and steps advertisers can take to prepare for the depreciation of third-party cookies. Learn about key changes and solutions from Digilant’s VP of Product.

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If you were unable to attend our live event, we will be sharing a recording of the webinar soon. Stay tuned!

About the Webinar

With the depreciation of third-party cookies coming into our digital landscape, advertisers are forced to contemplate alternative strategies without traditional identifiers. Advertisers who are quicker to act on alternative strategies and technology partners that help make them happen will have a decided advantage over the long term.

During this webinar, we’ll outline upcoming changes to expect more and offer tactical strategies you can use to future-proof your advertising in the face of macro changes on the horizon.

Topics we will Cover

The State of Third-Party Cookies
Implications for Advertisers
Tactics Advertisers Can Employ
Future-Proofing Checklist
Digilant's Commitment to Clients


Wes Farris, VP of Product

Wesley is the Vice President of Product at Digilant. He is the technical and product lead across Digilant’s different teams in growing client partnerships and driving custom solutions. He has been at Digilant for over three years, starting as a Custom Solutions Manager before working as the Director of Partnerships, overseeing Digilant’s 150+ data and supply partnerships. Prior to Digilant, he oversaw the implementation and training of DMP technology across newspaper publisher sites such as Berkshire Hathaway and Lee Enterprises. He has spent his entire career in the ad tech space, including stints in sales, operations, business development, product and project management. Wesley earned his BS in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Southern California.