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How Advertisers Can Wield Data Exhaust

Wesley Farris, director of partnerships at programmatic agency Digilant, spoke to eMarketer about how advertisers can make use of data exhaust. What sort of data can a DSP store from a programmatic auction? “Every time a DSP gets a bid request, there are a number of data variables that are passed on: the anonymous user ID, …

Unlock Data, Uncover Customers: Digilant

Digilant is a programmatic buying company, designed for both agencies and brands. We connect people and technology to create a perfect blend of strategy, insight and efficiency that will elevate any marketing team to find massive success. We also support advertisers who are moving towards programmatic self-sufficiency by aligning them with and training them on …

Marketers are ready to up their personalization game – and publishers can help

This isn’t surprising to Raquel Rosenthal, CEO at Digilant, a programmatic advertising company, who says there’s more to digital marketing than meets the eye. “To be sure, technology plays a big part in the digital advertising ecosystem,” she observes. “But I would argue that process and people are arguably more important than the tech component …

Tis the season for programmatic media buying—how marketers can capitalize

As shoppers prepare for gatherings and gift giving, marketers can benefit from campaigns that reflect the evolving purchase locations and behaviors of digital consumers. A new holiday shopping report from programmatic media buying services firm Digilant explains why it’s particularly important this year that advertisers and media buyers make informed and strategic decisions that yield increased returns on digital …

How Data Exhaust Can Overload Digital Marketers

“I think a lot of marketers run campaigns unaware of the amount of data that is collected throughout and either thrown away or not leveraged,” said Wesley Farris, director of partnerships at Digilant.


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