Digilant Madrid and the children from Down Madrid build a nativity scene with recycled materials

4ea65ada-1dd7-4acf-887a-a5388a1289fcChristmas is near and a fun activity was to be organised. Nine volunteers of Digilant Spain made a break on their routine to participate in creating from recycled material a Christmas nativity scene. Every employee was assigned a group of children with whom they had to use their creativity and imagination to create the perfect Nativity character.

The challenge for everyone was to be able to choose the perfect material to create their designated character. At the beginning, the children were more quiet and shy but as the afternoon went by, everybody got more comfortable and fun and jokes between kids and Digilant volunteers were all around.

These activities are very enriching for everyone, Digilant volunteers feel very useful, being a part of a group that makes children with disabilities comfortable and helps them to reinforce their social skills.

Digilant Mexico and Busca Fuska walk for a noble cause

On November 6 Digilant Mexico gathered at a park in Mexico City to support some associations that promote animal adoption. We did it with Busca Fuska, a digital platform that serves as a network to exhibit photos of animals that have been rescued and are currently in shelters ready to be adopted. Digilant Cares Mexico is committed to raise awareness among members of the Mexican society on this issue, so it was the perfect moment to participate with the associations.

For the activity, several members of the office happily help walking dogs that needed to find a permanent home. This is a recurrent and growing issue that has been present in our society, which is why we decided to support this cause. Getting involved and making a difference in Mexico is part of what Digilant stands for.
‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’ Mahatma Gandhi

Digilant México y Busca Fuska en marcha por una causa noble

El 6 de noviembre, Digilant México se reunió en un parque de la Ciudad de México para apoyar a diversas asociaciones que promocionan la adopción de animales. Fuimos con Busca Fuska, una plataforma digital que sirve como red para mostrar fotos de animales rescatados que se encuentran actualmente en albergues pendientes de su adopción. Digilant Cares México está comprometido con las labores de concienciación de la sociedad mexicana con este tema, así que este fue el momento idóneo para colaborar con las diferentes asociaciones.

Para esta actividad, varios integrantes del equipo pasearon felizmente con perros que necesitan un hogar permanente. Se trata de un problema recurrente y cada vez mayor en nuestra sociedad. Es por ello que decidimos apoyar a esta causa. Involucrarse y conseguir tener un impacto en México es una parte de lo que representa Digilant.

“La grandeza de una nación y su progreso moral pueden ser juzgados por la manera en que se trata a sus animales” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Our San Francisco team collaborates with Muttville Rescue NPO

IMG_8559-copyThe San Francisco team had the opportunity to visit Muttville Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting older dogs. The team gathered to play with the dogs, take them for walks, and give them lots of snuggles. Muttville is a nonprofit, organization dedicated to improving the lives of senior dogs. On a local level, Muttville rescues senior dogs and finds them new homes or gives them hospice. On a global level, Muttville provides information about caring for older dogs and support for people who do.

Through associations with shelters and other animal organizations, this nonprofit organization finds senior dogs that have been given up and are not likely to find adopted homes. Through outreach and networking, the NPO find suitable new homes for these dogs. Muttville has its own cage-free facility, housing newly rescued senior dogs while they await to be matched with foster homes.

Digilant is honored to be able to support such a worthy organization through the “Digilant Cares” program.


Down Madrid and Digilant visit Real Madrid’s football team Stadium

Taking advantage of the sports week in Madrid and the Down Madrid kids being still on summer holidays, Digilant team and Down Madrid children went to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home of the Real Madrid players. It was quite an adventure, and both kids and employees had a great time. Everyone was supporter of Real Madrid football team, which made it even better!

The meeting point was at “Tres Olivos Center”. Once everyone had arrived, Digilant volunteers and the children, accompanied by specialised personnel took the subway to get to the stadium. Kids where very excited about getting on the subway without their parents.

Once in the stadium they made a tour around the field, the changing rooms and finalised the visit in the trophies room. It was a dream came true for the children as well as of for many of the Digilant volunteers!
Real Madrid 2    Real Madrid 1

Digilant Boston helps Cradles to Crayons on the Back to School Campaign

Cradles to Crayons Sept.17For the second year in a row, the entire Digilant Boston team gathered at the nonprofit Cradles to Crayons to support children in need.  The staff grabbed shopping carts and packed items for specific children who needed clothing, toys, boys, coats, boots, and more.
10 Digilant employees participated in the Cradles to Crayons Backpack-a-thon event on Boston’s City Hall Plaza.  Along with more than 700 other volunteers, the Digilant team packed 35,000 backpacks for students in need.  The backpacks were filled with books and school supplies, such as pens, markers, folders, and notebook, and each child also received a hand-written “Well Wish Note” with a message for the start of their school year.  Digilant was proud to sponsor the Cradles to Crayons Ready for School program and be a part of the Backpack-a-thon event.

Cradles to Crayons provides children from birth to age 12, living in low- income and homeless situations, with the essential items they need to thrive – at home, at school and at play. They supply these items free of charge by engaging and connecting communities that have with communities that need.

Cradles To Crayons 2

A Cooking Experience with Down Madrid

Digilant Spain is delighted to collaborate with the non-profit organization Down Madrid. The activities are very enriching for both kids and employees. The aim of this collaboration is to help children with Down Syndrome or disabled kids to be independent (be able to move around the city, do the shopping, cook, get a job) and to grow in a normal environment without feeling turned down.

This month we have participated in a cooking activity. Eight members of our team went to ‘Centro Tres Olivos’ to spend an afternoon with kids, the idea was to help them develop their cooking abilities and make them feel helpful in an everyday task. Although everyone went home with their shirts full of cream, it was great to share time with these amazing youngsters!

It has been a great experience that has helped not only these children but also our employees. It makes us think how easy and important is to make a difference, helping people around us. Digilant Madrid is very grateful and proud of this recurrent collaboration with Down Madrid.

Diglant Cares Spain collaborates on a monthly basis with Down Madrid

19614768_xlThe Non Profit Organisation Síndrome de Down de Madrid (Down Madrid) has the mission to help people with Down Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities to achieve individual autonomy and full social inclusion. Read more at: www.downmadrid.org

Digilant Cares Spain helps with hours of their team members as well as with a yearly donation. Digilant Cares Spain together with Down Madrid have designed an agenda of events where the NPO needs help to develop some fun and key activities to help kids and youngsters with Down Syndrome to learn and develop their autonomy.

The agenda for 2016 includes teaching and helping the adolescents move around the subway and the city, doing some food shopping, cooking, table games, playing sports, etc. Before each monthly session/event the young kids will introduce the organisation and themselves to the team members that will be helping them on the task, our team members will do the same.
Bravo Digilant Cares Spain!

Digilant offers its offices to host the Boston regional Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

IMG_0136The Boston chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) – a global network that connects business owners in order to enhance their lives and businesses – hosted at Digilant Headquarters its GSEA (The Boston regional Global Student Entrepreneur Awards), the premier global competition for students who own and operate a for-profit business, while attending college.

This year’s winner was the Babson College student Hanson Grant, who won for his company, Think Board, which creates removable and reusable clear vinyl films that turn any surface into a dry erase board.

“I started Think Board from my dorm room at Babson. It solved a problem I had of needing space to write down business ideas and stay organized, but papers got lost, whiteboards were too bulky and dry erase paint was too expensive,” said Grant. “I’ve been lucky to have so many resources at my fingertips here in Boston, and it’s a real honor to be named the regional GSEA winner.”

The competition, judged by eight EO Boston members, took place Feb. 11 at Digilant’s offices in downtown Boston. Grant, 21, was one of nine local students who qualified to compete. Maya Rafie, a student at Emerson University and CEO of bistara, received second place and Holy Cross student Anthony Saltarelli, CEO of Chin Up, received third place.

buildOn Annual Fundraising Gala

buildOn_NYC_2On November 12th, nonprofit organization buildOn exceeded records and expectations by hosting more than 1,000 guests at its annual fundraising Gala at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, which raised $4.1M to support the organization’s work.

BuildOn’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education.  Across the U.S., buildOn empowers urban youth to transform their neighborhoods through intensive community service and to change the world by building schools in some of the economically poorest countries in the world.  Digilant’s CEO Don Epperson, first became involved in buildOn when the organization was founded 24 years ago.

Don was instrumental in starting the Boston branch of the organization which now engages with more than 150 students each month.
Digilant is proud to support the outstanding work that buildOn is doing around the world and in our local community through their Digilant Cares program and through the leadership of Don Epperson.

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