Case Study

Tourism Authority Increases Air Arrivals


How can a tourism authority for a popular island destination increase air arrivals?


Despite a high volume of cruise line visitors to the island destination, the tourism authority was specifically looking to increase air arrivals on the island. Visitors who arrive by air have a tendency to stay longer, to book hotel accommodations, and to spend more on entertainment as compared to those that arrive by cruise line. As a result, air arrivals can play an important role in supporting economic growth for the island.

To support the goal of the tourism authority, Digilant built a custom audience of consumers who reside in major cities, have previously visited luxury travel destinations, and have an interest in culture, history, and outdoor activities. This custom audience was included in a cross-channel campaign that led consumers to landing pages that included a promotional video and a call-to-action to book now.


3.2 million impressions

$2.74 CPA

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