Case Study

Green Giant Minute Mashers Leveraged Advanced TV and Shopping List Integration to Drive Awareness & In-Store Sales

CPG Brand

Minute Mashers enlisted Digilant’s help to run a small brand awareness campaign across Advanced TV in the Chicago market.

Due to its success, the brand added Florida to their target list, aiming to reach new customers and increase awareness among Winn Dixie shoppers using Advanced TV. Additionally, Digilant recommended layering on 2 additional solutions:

Shoppable Video: allowed them to educate the audience and add the product to their virtual shopping cart.

Shopping List Integration: reached moms while they were putting together their shopping list to encourage them to buy Minute Mashers.

Campaign Objective

Raise awareness and drive sales in stores at key retailers.

Key Performance Indicators

  • CTR (for OTT)
  • VCR (for CTV)

Campaign Length

March 1 – May 31, 2023

Statistics reflect March 1 – April 10th





Target Audience

  • Females aged 25-54
  • Winn Dixie or Jewel Osco current shoppers
  • Watch morning shows (ex: The View or Good Morning America), and early-morning programming
  • Purchasers of Green Giant & potatoes
  • Moms that cook and plan out recipes


Channel Recommendation

Advanced TV – CTV/OTT

Includes Connected TV (CTV) devices and Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming video content.

  • CTV is a television that is connected to the internet.
  • OTT is content accessed “over-the-top” by infrastructure providers. Content is streamed through the internet onto a laptop, mobile device, tablet, or smart TV.

We leveraged multiple full-funnel tactics, including behavioral and contextual targeting, for this campaign to reach new prospects and educate them about Minute Mashers.


  • Target the growing cord-cutter and cord-never audiences
  • Higher completion & viewability rates, plus track actions beyond the screen (website visits, in-store visits, sales)
  • Reach premium networks and content in a more cost-efficient way compared to linear TV

Shoppable Video and Shopping List Integration

A Shoppable Video ad unit ran during pre-roll ad slots to inform the audience about Minute Mashers and persuade them to purchase using Instacart for easy checkout.

Additionally, an integration with top shopping list apps, like Big Oven, was used to reach moms when they were putting together weekly/daily shopping lists and encourage them to add Minute Masher products.


  • Easier way for your audience to purchase products with just a click
  • Reach your target audience using video to promote your brand



Advanced TV (CTT/OTT)

Combined VCR: 0.64% CTR & 61% VCR

  • OTT performance (CTR KPI): 1.04% CTR
    • 3.85x higher than benchmark
  • CTV performance (VCR KPI): 99% VCR
    • 9% higher than benchmark

Shopping List Integration

  • 8,802 Minute Mashers Added to List
    • 0.22% add to list rate, exceeding 0.20% benchmark
  • 918 Clicks to Landing Page
    • 0.58% CTR, exceeding 0.30% benchmark
  • 2,758 Clicks to Cart
    • 0.36% CTR, exceeding 0.30% benchmark
  • 74% Cross-Off Rate**
  • Total cart value is $16,142
  • Total number of products in carts is 3,415
  • Top products added to cart were: Red Potatoes, Ranch Dressing, Granola, Apple Juice, Granola Bars, and Spaghetti Sauce

Top Performing Targeting Tactics

CTV: Nearly all tactics are driving a 99% VCR (9% higher than benchmark).

The stronger tactics are:

  • Algorithmic Optimizer*: 99.57% VCR
  • Behavioral Targeting – Winn Dixie Shoppers: 99.41% VCR
  • Behavioral Targeting – Morning Show Viewers: 99.34% VCR
  • Behavioral Targeting – Recipe Planners: 99.24% VCR


  • Algorithmic Optimizer*: 1.56% CTR
  • Contextual Targeting: 0.91% CTR

Top Performing DMAs

  • Miami-Ft. Lauderdale
  • Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota)
  • Orlando-Daytona Beach
  • Jacksonville

Top Performing Devices

Smartphones (1.36% CTR) and tablets (2.69% CTR) are driving the strongest click engagement to date

* Algorithmic Optimizer: campaign algorithm optimizes towards the main goal at the most efficient CPM.

** Cross-Off Rate is the percentage of people who add the Minute Mashers to their shopping list and also cross or check it off their list at retail.


Path to Purchase

  1. Our target grocer sees a Minute Masher’s Advanced TV (OTT) ad on their phone while they are watching their favorite show in the morning.
  2. Our target grocer is looking to build out her shopping list for the week. She is served a Minute Masher’s Add To List ad since she added similar products that would complement Minute Masher’s. This technology helps guide them to Minute Masher’s Potato SKUs.
  3. The target grocer will either drive to the store or use Instacart to purchase their items based on their desired shopping list.

Sample Shopping List Apps

Sample Screenshots


Campaign Highlights

5.3 Million

times the video ad was shown over

381,000 individual households

were reached with the video.

3.29 million+

times the video ad was watched in full without being skipped or exited.

$0.05 – 50% lower than industry standard!

estimated CPCV (cost per completed video view) for the campaign.

Over 25,000

total video clicks driving to the website

96% – 6.4% over benchmark!

VCR for the campaign – the industry benchmark for VCR is 90% for CTV.

0.47% – nearly 2x higher than benchmark!

CTR for the campaign – our video benchmark for CTV is 0.27%)

Shows and channels the ad appeared on:

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