Case Study

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Targets New Customers


“As a unique cruise line in a competitive category where dollars don’t earn success, we knew we needed a unique and tailored approach to not only reach potential new customers but to ensure we stood out amongst the competition. When we partnered with Digilant, they created a multifaceted strategy that propelled us forward, activating a new audience of cruise-goers and meeting our CPA benchmark despite Hurricane Dorian hitting the Bahamas mid-way through our campaign.”

– Fred Greene, VP of Marketing of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line.

The Goal

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line distinguishes itself from other cruise lines. It exclusively offers 2-night getaways and cruise-and-stay packages that depart Palm Beach, Florida every day of the week. This makes Bahamas Paradise the ideal cruise line for a quick getaway. Yet, despite having brand loyalty within an existing customer base, Bahamas Paradise was challenged with driving awareness and purchase intent amongst new, prospective customers. As a unique cruise line, whose brand is built around an equally unique destination, Bahamas Paradise would need to make waves on digital channels to continue to drive growth in a highly competitive category.

The Strategy

In a category where you can’t spend your way to success, we helped Bahamas Paradise make itself known amongst its target audience. Our idea was simple: to reach target prospects along the entire digital customer journey. This meant, using insights from previous digital media performance and testing against both programmatic and social channels. Drawing on our omnichannel expertise, we executed a campaign strategy that included the following channels: • Programmatic Display • Programmatic Native • Facebook • Instagram • Snapchat • Over-the-Top (OTT) With more campaign performance signals than ever before, Digilant armed the Bahamas Paradise team with performance data and insights to inform more effective creative. As new iterations of creative were produced by the client, Digilant worked quickly and nimbly to swap in new creative without interrupting campaign delivery. Our strategy accomplished two main objectives: activating a new audience of cruise-goers, and hitting the client’s CPA benchmark.


  • Boosted Online Sales in 2019* by 24%

*Achieved in 10 months. Due to Hurricane Dorian, the client paused campaigns for 2 months.

  • Reduced CPA by 27%
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