Case Study

Online Weather Company Increases Mobile App Downloads


How can an online weather company increase the use of its app?


A leading online weather company was looking to drive app installs of a new storm watching app amongst its target audience of adults age 25-54 who owned an Android or iPhone device. Utilizing a strategic combination of contextual and behavioral targeting, Digilant drove more than 4,500 app installs within the span of less than two months. 

Throughout the campaign, the team closely monitored high performing PMPs and added in news PMPs to capitalize on increased web traffic that the political debates (that were going on during the time of the campaign) brought to news sites. 

Leveraging existing donor data, our client identified two audiences to target: adults 45+ and adults 30-38 with a higher than average household income. To reach these audiences, we built a robust national campaign encouraging both audiences to support the veterans non-profit in their own way – driving them to visit a landing page where they could make a one time or reoccurring monthly donation.


10,497,047 impressions

4,636 app installs

$5.18 CPI

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