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Restaurant Insiders on 2020 Lessons Learned, Part Two

12/24/2020 - Sierra Ducey

Restaurant Insiders on 2020 Lessons Learned, Part Two

via Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry insiders for their perspection on 2020: What lessons did you learn and what do you feel the restaurant industry learned this year?

Digilant CEO, Raquel Rosenthal, shared her thoughts:

“We’ve learned that the increase in digital consumption and e-commerce adoption that’s resulted from COVID-19 has impacted QSR much like it has retail. QSR brands and the partners and agencies they work with have been hit hard with the reality that for digital transformation to be successful it must offer better choices and greater convenience to consumers.

To cut through the noise, 2020 has been the year that many QSR brands have pulled the trigger on CTV, programmatic audio and influencer ad formats. McDonald’s, Chipotle and Firehouse Subs are some brands that have successfully risen to the occasion – offering easy options for ordering and fulfillment and spreading the word beyond traditional ad channels.

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