Zoom’s Rise to Fame and Challenges During COVID-19: Lessons for Marketers

04/22/2020 - Sierra Ducey

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Authored by Merilyn Pereira

Zoom, the video communications platform, has become the most popular and perhaps the most beneficial brand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following that, there’s been much controversy and allegations that the brand has had to deal with. Will they continue to stay on top as we move into the second month of remote working and social distancing? Let’s analyze.

As businesses moved meetings, conferences, and events online in keeping with social distancing, families relied on new ways to communicate with loved ones in different corners of the world. And just like that, the need for an online communication tool ratcheted up. While there were many contenders, Zoom came out on top.

What Marketers Can Learn from Zoom’s Rise

We asked marketing leaders about Zoom’s overnight rise to fame and how brands can be inspired to prepare in much the same way. Here’s what they said:

Zoom is in a unique position to give the masses something that they need. Right now the best marketers are doing the same – they are flipping the idiom of “selling ice to Eskimos.” Instead of promoting something consumers don’t innately want or need, smart brands are promoting products, experiences, and shared connections that consumers want during this time. Some examples of brands doing this are Peloton, Adobe, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Vicks.”

~ Raquel Rosenthal, CEO at Digilant

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