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Voice of Experience: Raquel Rosenthal, CEO of Digilant

03/17/2020 - Sierra Ducey

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Authored by Nicki Gilmour

Believe in yourself, be hardworking and tenacious, advises Digilant’s Raquel Rosenthal, but never forget that
determination is a big part of success.

“Don’t let the little stuff get to you, but keep looking at the goals with your eye on the prize,” she says, an attitude that she attributes to her sales background. When you’re young and on a superstar path, you want to get there quickly, but you need to continue to work on yourself. With any blip, I kept focused and realized that even if my time wasn’t now, it was coming.”

Raquel Rosenthal, Digilant CEO

That determination has given Rosenthal a front row seat to the transformation of the digital world over her career. In college she worked at her campus radio station as a sales manager, then got a position at a local publication called the Advantage where she worked for a year before starting her own publication, which she ran for four years. “While I started on the traditional side, I focused my career on the digital advertising industry and emerging markets. I have always been entrepreneurial, which has shaped me and how I’ve grown my career,” she says.

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