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The Realities of Mobile Targeting in Real-Time Bidding

05/07/2014 - Lbirnbaum

San Francisco living has taught me that every neighborhood (even every street) has a different temperature; it’s usually windy, and you should always carry a sweater.  Needless to say, I use my weather app very frequently and see a lot of ads as a result. What frustrates me are not the ads themselves, but their blatant lack of relevance and targeting. I have been bombarded with ads for men’s shaving products, pet accessories, and home improvement stores. Yup, that was a wasted, and probably costly, impression on a pet-less, woman who is not the least bit handy.

Since working in digital, and specifically since working for a real-time bidding platform, I’ve seen the  space  evolve to one where ads can in fact  be served to a relevant and targeted audience, however many companies are not taking advantage of the capabilities currently available.

According to Forbes, in 2014, mobile advertising is expected to see a $5 billion dollar increase in spend over last year, and of that, at least $1 billion is expected to come from RTB. Large publishers and technology companies within the RTB space have clearly recognized that mobile is the way of the future. Some have even acquired already established mobile companies, and made sizeable investments into cross-device targeting. These folks are finding new ways for advertisers to deliver targeted messages on mobile devices, and the situation is only going to be helped when companies like Apple provide limited access to user IDs. Mobile advertisers need to think smart when it comes to mobile and test frequently as new advances continue to perpetuate the space. With the release of Digilant’s new Mobile Algorithm, we are heading in the right direction of being able to accurately serve mobile ads to specific audiences, so the next time I open my weather app, I won’t be seeing any more dog collar ads.

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