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Part 4 of 4: Back To School: Strategies For Smart Programmatic Buying

08/03/2017 - Karen Moked

The two target audiences that marketers need to focus on for the Back to School (BTS) season are parents and college students. 90% of parents participate in back-to-school shopping, as the primary shopper for younger children, and 89% of college students are shopping for back-to-school items. College students’ spending is significantly higher due to the fact that they are not just shopping for books and basic supplies, but also dorm room or apartment furniture and furnishings.

Five key product areas that get serious business during the Back to School (BTS) season, according to are:

  1. Apparel and accessories
  2. Books, music, and video
  3. Computers and consumer electronics
  4. Office equipment and supplies
  5. Toys and hobbies, including sporting goods

College students start doing BTS searches while they are still enjoying their summer vacations. Since college students spend is a large portion of the anticipated July and August U.S. retail sales of $857.18 billion, it’s important for marketers to dig into consumer insight data to know where to focus their programmatic media buying dollars.

Digilant discovered the following consumer insights about BTS shoppers:

  • 77% of shoppers use Walmart and 58% use Target
  • Lower-income moms do less comparison shopping because of less access to transportation
  • Higher-income moms are better equipped for comparison shopping
  • Consumer Electronics spikes first in the season as a category, then office supplies and third is clothing and apparel
  • Kids are much more involved in the shopping process today with access to information, although their parents still have the buying power

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