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On data privacy day, experts weigh in on data regulations

01/28/2020 - Liz Cerrone

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Authored by Kristina Knight

It’s Data Privacy Day in the US, and with new regulations going into effect this year, we asked a few digital experts what the impact of GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations might be on both digital brands and consumers.

“There are a few players that will thrive in this new data privacy reality. It will be the walled gardens that own their own data, have an addressable audience, and provide a service to consumers. The average consumer is more than happy to give up their data in return for a free service. The players that will flounder are the ones who collect data in nefarious ways without providing any value to the consumer.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the SSP and data partner landscape is still very fragmented as it’s easier for big players and middlemen to take advantage of the system and get access to large swaths of data. A more data-centric approach will lead to consolidation on the supply and data side, but the impact won’t be felt as hard by brands or marketers as these players add little value to the ecosystem.”

Raquel Rosenthal, CEO, Digilant

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