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It’s the Hap, Hap, Happiest Season of All…Baseball Season!

04/02/2014 - The Digilant Team

If you’re in and around Boston this time of year you can smell it; you can feel it; the feeling of baseball is back! Heck, if you’re in any city Baseball season is exciting. With most major league baseball teams kicking off their season’s sometime this week, Digilant was excited to learn how baseball fans differed from the general population.

We learned some interesting things…like did you know baseball fans are 595% more likely than the general population to be interested in Porsche brands, 421% more likely to be NASCAR fans, 389% more likely to be Patriotic Americans, 342% more likely to be interested in fiber cereal and 325% more likely to remodel their homes within the next two years?

I’m picking up on a few themes, aren’t you? Fast cars, flags, Wheaties and now I may understand why Lumber Liquidators adorns every ballpark from East to West.  Let’s play ball!

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