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Infographic: Reaching Holiday Shoppers with Programmatic

11/21/2019 - Sierra Ducey

The holiday season is a retailers’ top opportunity each year to connect with new and loyal customers alike, and for the first time since 2013, we have a shortened holiday season. With six fewer days for shopping, the competition will be as fierce as ever. New marketing touchpoints  – from influencer marketing to paid placements on Amazon to digital out of home (DOOH) – can make the challenge of staying front and center seem as great as the potential reward.


Often, media placements are committed to well in advance of the holidays, but in many cases, there is a race to spend the year’s remaining budget to drive incremental sales. To ensure that your budget is well spent, it’s important to understand the expected shopper behavior this holiday season and the programmatic strategies that can drive the performance you need to hit your year-end goals.


In the infographic below, we’ve called out the shopper behavior trends for 2019 and the tactics that will maximize your potential for success.


Download the infographic here

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