Elisha Heaps Joins Digilant as Global Chief Data Scientist

03/14/2017 - Karen Moked

Elisha Heaps Digilant CDS
Boston – March 14, 2017Digilant, a global provider of customized programmatic ad buying solutions and services, today announced the appointment of Elisha Heaps as Global Chief Data Scientist.

In her new role, Ms. Heaps will be responsible for architecting scalable, proprietary big data optimization strategies as part of Digilant’s product vision. She will also oversee the development of algorithmic real-time bidding solutions and programmatic audience targeting on Digilant’s ad buying platform.  Ms. Heaps will be based in the Boston headquarters and report to Ricky McClellen, Global Managing Director of D+ at Digilant.

“Elisha’s expertise in data science and machine learning fits perfectly into Digilant’s vision of building custom programmatic ad buying solutions that drive the deep understanding of audiences necessary for customer acquisition,” said Ricky McClellen, Global Managing Director of D+ at Digilant.

Prior to joining Digilant, Ms. Heaps worked at Millennial Media where she created a target audience optimization engine which processed quadrillions of records. She also designed, tested, and implemented real-time bidding algorithms responsible for handling billions of daily requests. Outside adtech, her recent work includes the architecture and implementation of the flight and hotel recommendation systems for a travel start-up called Lola Travel, as well as artificial intelligence development for a number of its sister companies in the portfolio of Boston’s Blade software foundry.  Ms. Heaps received her M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her B.A. from Harvard University.

“I’m excited to join Digilant where we are leveraging the billions of data points our platform collects every single day to help our clients achieve their marketing goals,” said Ms. Heaps.  “We have a terrific team of experts hard at work building accessible solutions that intelligently target new customers and generate actionable insights for our clients’ businesses.”

About Digilant
 Digilant provides customized ad buying solutions and services specially designed for independent agencies and brands that are increasing their programmatic spending. Digilant’s automated and proprietary ad-buying platform MIKE, and data science methodologies enable advertisers to uncover new customers by unlocking complex audience and customer data that gives them actionable intelligence across every important media channel.

Headquartered in Boston, Digilant has offices in New York, Chicago and San Francisco, and across the globe in Barcelona, Bogota, Lima, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Monterrey, and Santiago.  For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @Digilant_US.  Digilant is an ispdigital Group Company (

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