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Digilant Consumer Persona – Programmatic Data Product: What is it?

06/15/2015 - Karen Moked

Consumer Persona Data Solution Allows You To Visualize Your Data And To Use The Insights For Targeting


messychart“In working with advertisers around the world, we saw that more times than not they have targeted audiences based on traditional, static personas, however those consumers were not converting on the call to action.  Consumer Persona addresses this issue by using authentic, real-time data to create personas that are based on actual human behavior, helping advertisers to better pinpoint consumers for campaigns instead of targeting those who may fit the criteria on paper, but not in reality. This new data science-driven capability has already proven to increase ROI for our beta campaigns and we are excited to announce its general availability to advertisers, allowing them to take a deeper dive into their data and make it actionable and profitable.”

 Krishna Boppana, Chief Data Scientist at Digilant

Persona” is a phrase that represents a conceptual user profile, and is applicable today in the big data world as long as the persona for your marketing is changing as fast as your data is telling you. The modern persona is connecting a quantitative analysis of your company’s target audiences to create real personas.

CASE STUDY: A popular upscale cosmetics brand
  • Digilant used segmentation information from third party data, first party data and Digilant proprietary audience segmentation to create a Consumer Persona.
  • Digilant discovered a 10% lift from the demographic of holiday shoppers and travelers — which had no connection to any of its advertisements.
  • What Digilant deduced is that this could be attributed to those who only purchase from the retailer once a year, during the winter holidays, because they are buying a gift for someone who has given them a list containing a specific item.
  • This find showed the retailer exactly where not to target, as the ads have no effect on whether or not these people purchase.
The takeaway from all of this? No consumer is created equally. An in-depth profile will give you:
  • Accuracy: Target the right people, don’t waste impressions.
  • Data and insight: Easy to view who is actually converting.
  • Actionable: Data is actionable and targetable through a customized model.
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