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Digilant Announces Acquisition of Perpetual License to DeltaX Dynamic Creative Optimisation Technology

01/28/2016 - digilant

Digilant, a leading global programmatic media company that partners with agencies and brands to provide customised and strategic digital advertising solutions, today announced the acquisition of DeltaX’s Dynamic Creative Optimisation “DCO” technology. Digilant will integrate DeltaX’s DCO functionality to optimise creative messaging and storytelling for advertisers along the purchase journey. Leveraging both its Data Management Platform and this technology, Digilant will use client campaign data to match the right creative to the right consumer, as well as tell a story using different ad formats, as the consumer moves from app to app or device to desktop. Digilant will use a suite of creatives that are optimized for the moment or geography and as an integrated solution. Advertisers will benefit from true one-to-one messaging.

DeltaX, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, has developed a proven sophisticated platform that leverages data for the design and real-time optimization of a creative.

“It has become crucial that advertisers engage with individuals in a more personalized and timely manner, and for that reason DeltaX is the perfect match for us.” said Don Epperson, Executive Chairman at Digilant and CEO at ispDigital. “Having Dynamic Creative Optimisation capability integrated into our platform is important for Digilant. It allows us to optimize every consumer engagement in the conversion path across paid, earned and owned media.”
Digilant was already offering DCO to its customers, through external partners. However, with this integration, the programmatic company will have a fully integrated DCO solution within Digilant’s proprietary platform. Bringing DCO capabilities within Digilant’s platform, which already integrates proprietary, 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data as well as Digilant’s Consumer Persona solution, enhances the company’s suite of programmatic capabilities that will optimise targeting to deliver relevant messages to individuals, and give advertisers an edge over their competition.

“Advertisers are well aware of the importance of customising their messages to consumers across devices, and DCO is a critical piece of that” said Ravi Kabra, Co-Founder and CEO at DeltaX. “DeltaX is extremely proud to be the provider of an important element of Digilant’s technology stack. Our solution has already been proven across the world and will enable Digilant’s global clients to increase the effectiveness and ROI of their digital advertising efforts.”

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