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Coronavirus-Related Advertising on Google: What It Means For Political Advertisers

04/16/2020 - Sierra Ducey

When the coronavirus began spreading across the world and affecting nearly every aspect of our lives, Google was quick to implement a ban of ads related to COVID-19. This was in an effort to restrict people from profiting or taking advantage of the situation, such as selling coronavirus tests or hoarding hand sanitizer.

However, just a week after the ban, Google reversed it’s stance and announced a policy change. This is welcome news for political advertisers who are having a trickier time advertising on other platforms.

According to a recent survey by NPR, 72% of voters are looking to state and local government as a resource for coronavirus information and just 37% are turning to President Trump.

In a time where many traditional political advertising tactics are disrupted (events, canvassing, and rallies), political advertisers are looking to effective channels, like Google, to reach voters. Here are 3 things to consider so you can make the most of your Google Ads investments.

Google’s Engagement Is Up

The average CTR for pay-per-click ads on Google is on the rise. Google’s search ads have seen the greatest increase, averaging out to 5.90% (conversion rate is at 5.63%).

Google’s Cost-Per-Click is Down

Google has reported lower cost-per-clicks (CPCs). Since February, the average CPC for a Google Search ad comes in at $2.76 (cost per action is $51.50), a display ad is $0.41 and Google Shopping at $0.66.

Revisit your Creative and Iterate Often

Timely creative is a must-have for political advertisers. Make sure your creative visually reflects the current state of voters and that the copy answers what you are doing to help voters and communities during this time or provides fact-checked information.

For more insights and guidance on how to reach and engage voters during the COVID-19 outbreak, download our “Responding to Coronavirus Guide for Political Advertisers” here.


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