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A 5-step path to cookieless digital marketing

05/08/2020 - Sierra Ducey

A 5-step path to cookieless digital marketing

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Authored by: Raquel Rosenthal, Digilant CEO

While brands, agencies and adtech companies currently have a lot on their plate, they also need to keep an eye on the seismic shift set to take place in digital marketing within a few years.

Google’s move to delete third-party cookies from the Chrome browser, announced in January, will likely impact everything from attribution modeling to personalization initiatives and conversion analytics.

This will be especially true in areas like mobile, where Google Chrome has a 41% market share. Many expect large publishers will quickly build their own walled-gardens in mobile, leaving smaller publishers to scramble for ways to show effective performance.”

These changes will present challenges for digital advertisers, but there are steps that many in the space can take to ensure they’re more prepared than their competitors when the ground starts to shift underneath the industry.

Here are five proactive steps marketers can take now to be well-positioned when Google’s cookieless tracking restrictions are finally in place.

  1. Embrace media mix modeling

  2. Build your own Customer Data Platform

  3. Be at the forefront of cookie-alternatives

  4. Strengthen your relationship with Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon

  5. Educate your entire organization

Read more about the 5 steps here.

Fortune favors the bold, but it also favors the well-prepared. This is especially true in digital marketing as new tools and technologies emerge even as others, like the third-party cookie, are removed from the tool kit.

Make no mistake — Google’s tweak is a major change, one that will render some digital tools and third-party analytic specialty firms obsolete, even as it strengthens Google’s hand in the advertising ecosystem.

The brands, agencies and adtech firms that anticipate the impact of the loss of cookies and are able to adjust their strategies and create tools to best compete in this new environment will be the ones that come out ahead in the new, cookieless world.

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