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2018 Holiday Shopper Insights Infographic – Part 3

11/06/2018 - Sierra Ducey

At Digilant we are getting into the holiday spirit, and want everyone else to join us.  We have put together an infographic and report that gives predictions and highlights trends around consumer behavior for the 2018 holiday shopping season. This report will help advertisers and media buyers gain additional insights for their digital marketing strategies.
Every year it seems as though the holiday sales and promotions start earlier, spending increases and people shift their purchase locations and behavior. All these changes at such an essential part of the year can become overwhelming. Digilant has outlined all the 2018 holiday shopping predictions – from when people are shopping, how to reach them on mobile and how Ecommerce powerhouse Amazon is going to affect this year’s sales and advertising for other retailers.

Download the infographic here.

Media Consumption

The power of online search and browsing has created a network of extremely savvy holiday shoppers. Today, more than ever, consumers are reading online reviews, looking for the best possible deal and are informed about the best time to shop and where to get the best deal. More than 80% of shoppers research products and services online before making a purchase. This influx of pre-shopping research makes it essential for advertisers and media buyers to understand who these consumers are and how to reach them. 

In eMarketer’s Holiday Guide, they outlined two different shoppers: the planners and the spontaneous shoppers. 59% of the people they surveyed defined themselves as prepared shoppers. These are people who make a shopping list and know who they’re shopping for and what gifts they plan to buy. Because these people are thoroughly prepared, they start looking for sales and promotions early, on average 42 days ahead of the holidays. The other group, the spontaneous shoppers, don’t plan ahead and make purchase decisions from browsing. Although these two groups have different shopping habits, they have a distinct similarity: both are influenced by media and online browsing. The planners research and browse for the best possible deals and the spontaneous shoppers find deals through everyday browsing. Advertisers need to keep both these groups in mind when deciding when and where to place their ads.

Choosing just one way to target these shoppers will not bring in the best ROI. Rather, keep in mind that a shopper find ideas for gifts in a variety of places. eMarketer reported that 61% of shoppers are inspired while browsing, 45% from friends and family, 43% by advertising, 30% from product recommendations and 27% from social media platforms. There isn’t one channel that all shoppers rely on. Advertisers need to plan for a unique and multifaceted media mix to reach consumers.

As consumers become even more well-versed in online product research and promotional opportunities, advertisers need to step up their media plans. Utilizing programmatic marketing ensures that the ideal consumers sees your ads and content in the right time and location, helping improve your return on holiday ad spend. At Digilant, we provide experienced and informed hands-on decision-making to manage all aspects of programmatic buying for clients. Interested in learning more? Contact us here.

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