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120 AI Predictions For 2020

12/09/2019 - Sierra Ducey

120 senior executives featured here, all involved with AI, delivered 2020 predictions for a wide range of topics: Autonomous vehicles, deepfakes, small data, voice and natural language processing, human and augmented intelligence, bias and explainability, edge and IoT processing, and many promising applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and tools.

“AI’s expanded application, from machine-learning and reasoning (e.g., semantic targeting, ‘you may also like’) to consumer-facing, real-world uses (e.g., voice recognition, robotics) will increase tensions between tech innovation and consumer distrust with data collection and use. Ultimately, that dynamic will put significant pressure to moving forward a national, comprehensive regulatory policy for consumer privacy”—Jenna Umbrianna, General Manager, Anagram

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