Digilant Cares

Happy Children’s Day!

04/28/2017 - Montserrat Escartin

Digilant Mexico has celebrated Children’s Day at an elementary school: Instituto Fernando Montes de Oca, located in Naucalpan, in the northern part of Mexico City. This year, Digilant Cares is focused on helping children’s education, so we created an alliance with NUNET: a foundation that promotes education through entertainment, art and technology.

The great day came on April 27th, very close to Children’s day in Mexico. The activity integrated all the elementary school students, the goal was high: at least we had to collect 136 books. This process began a few weeks at the office where we started collecting new and used text books for children. We also covered them with paper and a ribbon to give them as presents.

Our initiative received a lot of help from our office and from Nunet, we finally collected 160 books, so every kid received a surprise book and the rest of the books remained at the institute’s library.

During our time with the kids, we shared a tale with them about how a book is different from digital media and they told us their experiences about how they use social media and their most used devices. It is curious that they are very familiar with social media and mobile devices, they enjoy playing games and using apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

Finally, we thanked Nunet and the directors of this institution for letting us share some quality moments with the kids. We strongly believe that education is the best investment for every human being.

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