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Down Madrid and Digilant visit Real Madrid’s football team Stadium

09/04/2016 - Ester Pascual

Taking advantage of the sports week in Madrid and the Down Madrid kids being still on summer holidays, Digilant team and Down Madrid children went to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home of the Real Madrid players. It was quite an adventure, and both kids and employees had a great time. Everyone was supporter of Real Madrid football team, which made it even better!

The meeting point was at “Tres Olivos Center”. Once everyone had arrived, Digilant volunteers and the children, accompanied by specialised personnel took the subway to get to the stadium. Kids where very excited about getting on the subway without their parents.

Once in the stadium they made a tour around the field, the changing rooms and finalised the visit in the trophies room. It was a dream came true for the children as well as of for many of the Digilant volunteers!
Real Madrid 2    Real Madrid 1

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