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Diglant Cares Spain collaborates on a monthly basis with Down Madrid

04/07/2016 - Ester Pascual

19614768_xlThe Non Profit Organisation Síndrome de Down de Madrid (Down Madrid) has the mission to help people with Down Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities to achieve individual autonomy and full social inclusion. Read more at: www.downmadrid.org

Digilant Cares Spain helps with hours of their team members as well as with a yearly donation. Digilant Cares Spain together with Down Madrid have designed an agenda of events where the NPO needs help to develop some fun and key activities to help kids and youngsters with Down Syndrome to learn and develop their autonomy.

The agenda for 2016 includes teaching and helping the adolescents move around the subway and the city, doing some food shopping, cooking, table games, playing sports, etc. Before each monthly session/event the young kids will introduce the organisation and themselves to the team members that will be helping them on the task, our team members will do the same.
Bravo Digilant Cares Spain!

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