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Digilant Madrid and the children from Down Madrid build a nativity scene with recycled materials

12/20/2016 - Ester Pascual

4ea65ada-1dd7-4acf-887a-a5388a1289fcChristmas is near and a fun activity was to be organised. Nine volunteers of Digilant Spain made a break on their routine to participate in creating from recycled material a Christmas nativity scene. Every employee was assigned a group of children with whom they had to use their creativity and imagination to create the perfect Nativity character.

The challenge for everyone was to be able to choose the perfect material to create their designated character. At the beginning, the children were more quiet and shy but as the afternoon went by, everybody got more comfortable and fun and jokes between kids and Digilant volunteers were all around.

These activities are very enriching for everyone, Digilant volunteers feel very useful, being a part of a group that makes children with disabilities comfortable and helps them to reinforce their social skills.

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