Marketing Campaign Attribution Strategies for Medium-Sized Businesses

When it comes to finding the right marketing campaign attribution for your medium-sized business, it is important to trust in a digital marketing agency that understands what strategy will provide the best results. There are no two businesses that are exactly alike, which means no two marketing strategies should be the same either. The right marketing campaign attribution can make or break your success each year. Depending on whether you need short or long sales cycles to successfully operate your business, you will find success from following any of these five strategies.

Making Campaign Attribution Models for Business With Short Sales Cycles

Short sales cycles are important to understand because your business does not have a long period of time to nurture a lead into a customer. These individuals are looking to quickly purchase a product or schedule a service. Often, these leads already understand what your business offers. Therefore, they do not need to go through extensive touchpoints of engagement to decide if they will do business with your company.

1. First-Touch Attribution

As the name of this attribution implies, this strategy looks at your customer’s engagement history from the very first time they engaged with your brand in the sales cycle. Whether this first point of engagement was in-person, via email, on a social media post, or through your website, it is important to identify how each of your leads have found your company. This is an incredibly easy strategy to build and maintain because it follows the exact timeline of interaction. You can see the history of your customer’s engagement with your company and understand what actions lead to them finally making a purchase.

When you trust a digital marketing agency to build this strategy for you, you can ensure any and all automated events will be properly logged. Furthermore, you can trust that those who need to be notified about engaging with a lead are properly notified at the exact right time. You will not need to worry about losing out on a sale simply because your sales team was not notified of a customer inquiry.

2. Last-Touch Attribution

Similar to the last attribution strategy, last-touch attribution identifies the final engagement with leads before they become customers. While it is important to understand your customer’s history, it is even more important to identify trends in actions or conversations that lead to conversions. These conversions are what drive your business forward and provide you with the revenue needed to excel each year.

Fortunately, this strategy is just as easy for a digital marketing agency to build for your business. All pertinent information that needs to be logged can be done so with ease. As more leads convert into customers, your agency can provide you with detailed reports that show what made the conversion possible.

Making Campaign Attribution Models for Businesses With Long Sales Cycles

Long sales cycles require multiple touchpoints of engagement to fully nurture a lead into a paying customer. In order to reach a decision that leads to conversion, your business must understand how to nurture the lead. This process is lengthy and required detailed notes on each point of engagement.

3. U-Shaped Attribution

With U-shaped attribution, it combines some of the ideas of the first touch and last touch attribution strategies. Especially, this strategy provides 40 percent of credit to the first point of contact along with the last engagement that leads to conversion. The remaining 60 percent is evenly divided to the mid touchpoints that occurred through the sales cycle. This type of strategy paints a complete picture of how media, messaging, and marketing tactics hooked, nurtured, and converted leads into customers.

By trusting a digital marketing agency to create this attribution strategy for your business, you can begin to fully understand your customer journey and fine-tune your sales cycle. There will not be a guessing game on what happened between the first point of engagement and the last touch. Rather, you will see the mid touchpoints and be able to determine if they need to be expanded or decreased in order to create the most efficient sales cycle.

4. W-Shaped Attribution

A W-Shaped attribution strategy evenly distributes credit to the first, last, and mid touchpoints. This type of strategy does still focus on the first and last points of engagement before conversion, but this strategy is important when all engagement is important for obtaining conversion. With a W-shaped strategy, you understand the points of engagement that both nurture and convert leads.

A digital marketing agency can help you identify all the various touchpoints that are apparent in your sales cycle. Once these are identified your agency can help you analyze data to determine if these touchpoints are more likely to educate or persuade your leads on your offering.

5. Time-Decay Attribution

A time-decay attribution strategy recognizes that events leading up to conversion carry more weight than events that occur earlier in the sales cycle. While gaining interest is important, the touchpoints that convert leads into customers are ultimately what increase your revenue. Therefore, more value is credited to the final events in the sales cycle.

Your digital marketing agency can help you determine which events are crucial to converting your leads in the final hour. These events are identified based on past sales, speaking with the individuals who interact with your leads, and understanding what actions your leads can complete without speaking to your company. This information is compiled and used to assign the best values to each touchpoint.

Trust In Marketing Campaign Attribution To Improve Your Sales

Whether your business follows a short or long sales cycle, you can improve your results by understanding what events are crucial for converting customers. For others, only the first or last touchpoints are important. For other businesses, understanding the mid touchpoints or the final stages of the sales cycle is what makes a difference in their sales. 

Whatever model your business follows, Digilant can assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to learn how we can help you understand your sales cycle and increase your conversion


Comparing Desktop vs. Mobile Attribution for ROI and Conversion

The customer journey is just as important as offering the highest quality product or service. The days of offering just the best product or service are in the past. Now, your business must also give customers the best experience possible in order to win their business and retain their loyalty. With the number of brands operating across the globe, the customer is in a position to go with whoever offers them the highest value and most pleasurable journey. This means your company must use the right marketing attribution models to provide the most seamless customer journey. Once you understand the difference between mobile attribution and desktop attribution, you and your digital advertising agency team can determine what type of journey you need to provide your customers.

Mobile Attribution vs. Desktop Attribution

Mobile attribution is used to understand the types of marketing campaigns and media channels that will deliver specific goals. These goals can focus on app installations, click-through rates, submissions, or other actions that are vital to the customer journey and sales cycle. The actions completed by your customer during this journey will occur on a mobile-friendly device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The information that is obtained drives optimization for customer acquisition campaigns and overall marketing performance.

Desktop attribution is used to understand the web pages and digital marketing efforts that drive traffic to a company’s website. This attribution will also review the customer touchpoints throughout the customer journey that are specific to the website and any PPC campaigns being run on search engines. The data can come from any web page, whether it through the mobile version of your website or the desktop version.

Value Of Marketing Attribution

When it comes to marketing attribution, it is important to understand the values that both mobile and desktop attributions can provide your business. Each type provides unique insights that allow your digital advertising agency team and yourself to fully understand your customer journey. In order to successfully analyze your current marketing efforts, you must evaluate the data obtained through both attributions.

In regards to the value of mobile insights, you can fully understand how individuals complete specific actions while on their smartphones or tablets. Understanding where they click, how they get to your app or website, and what touchpoints they are utilizing to learn more about your business are incredibly valuable to improving the customer journey.

On the other hand, desktop attribution values are also important. Learning how traffic arrives to your website and what content marketing pages are responsible for educating your customers helps you determine which marketing strategies are performing the best. Furthermore, it allows you to evaluate the ROI your digital advertising agency is able to provide to your business.

Challenges With Each Attribution Type

As with all things in digital marketing, each type of attribution comes with its own unique challenges. It is important to understand what these challenges are in order to properly analyze the data and understand where some interpretation of the numbers may be required.

Mobile attribution can be difficult to trace with 100 percent certainly. This is largely due to the limitations of tracking touchpoints. It is impossible to determine if you have outlined every single engagement point for your customers. While you can certainly get close, you cannot know if your customer followed the journey you have predicted. Additionally, not every individual who purchases a product or service from your company will have access to a smartphone or tablet. This means that the data compiled from this attribution will eliminate a portion of your total audience.

In regards to desktop attribution, some of the challenges include assessing if the customer utilized multiple devices to discover information about your company. It is possible for one customer to use two, three, five, or more devices. If they opt-out of cookie tracking, it will be difficult for you to identify each desktop attributed interaction and link it to a single customer. This can cause your data tracking to be skewed and create multiple customers when, in fact, all of these engagements were completed by a single individual.

Trust Your Digital Advertising Agency To Provide The Right Customer Journey

Each attribute type is incredibly important for your business to understand. Otherwise, you cannot provide the best type of customer journey for those who are interested in your business. As our world continues to aggressively move into mobile prioritization, mobile attribution is incredibly important to focus your resources on. If your customers cannot easily learn, browse, and shop for your offering from their favorite devices, they will find another company that makes the process simpler. Additionally, this attribution type will ensure you fully understand what actions lead to your specified goals.

On the other hand, desktop attribution is still vitally important. This type of attribution ensures you understand how the deliverables produced by your digital advertising agency impact your customer journey. Between content marketing and social media efforts, desktop attribution helps you understand what drove traffic to your website.

Depending on your business, it may be in your best interest to use one or both attribution models. The best way to determine this information is to trust in a digital advertising agency like Digilant. We can help you understand your customer journey and identify what actions need to be taken to help your business grow. Please do not hesitate to contact us today!

Top 7 Digital Advertising Trends to Look Out for in 2021

As technology continues to develop, so do the ways brands advertise to their customers. Each year, it is important for a digital advertising agency and business owners to understand the upcoming digital advertising trends. By understanding these new trends, brands and agencies can stay ahead of the competition and provide better ROI. Otherwise, companies will fall behind those who invested the time and resources to learn the latest marketing trends. Those who develop the latest trends into their current marketing strategy will reach their audience easier and build relationships that nurture leads through the sales process more efficiently. Without further delay, let’s jump into the digital marketing trends of 2021.

1. Increase Social Media Engagement

As social interactions remain limited due to the novel coronavirus, engagement on social media will retain its importance. A digital advertising agency must have a plan in place to quickly respond to followers on various social media accounts. No one wants to wait days to get a response to simple questions, so it is important to have a detailed plan in place that addresses how and when messages must be addressed.

Furthermore, engagement on social media comments is also vital. Individuals are extremely limited in who they can see in person. If they are taking time out of their day to comment on a brand’s social media post, it is the brand’s responsibility to respond in a timely manner. The increase of time spent online and at home means followers have more freedom to engage with who they deem worthy. In 2021, brands will increase time spent responding to comments to ensure their followers know their messages are appreciated.

2. Additional Focus On Google Listings and Local SEO

Google My Business profiles will continue to be important in 2021. However, simply having a Google My Business profile will not be enough. The profile must be fully filled out and optimized for SEO. There is no longer an acceptable excuse as to why hours, specials, and contact information are not completely accurate. More individuals will turn to Google and search engines to find pertinent information before leaving their homes. In order to ensure these individuals call the right number, go to the right address, or purchase the right product/service, the Google My Business listing must be updated often and maintained correctly.

Local SEO will continue to reign king in digital advertising trends. The best digital advertising agency will continue to grow their efforts and deliver the most traffic possible to your website and your physical location. A large focus on new city location pages and blogging efforts will drive SEO efforts in 2021.

3. Communicate Availability

The novel coronavirus will still be making headlines in 2021. To ensure individuals have the most up to date information, companies will improve the way they communicate their availability. If their offices are open, it will be known. Should teams now work remotely and a physical location is no longer operating, brands will need to share this information. These details will become a regular addition to social media and email marketing efforts.

4. Google Ads Continue To Rise

PPC advertising has always been a powerful tool, but it will be even more important in 2021. With more individuals at home, digital advertising trends regarding PPC will continue to rise. As consumers search for news, products, and services, brands will want to appear on the top of results. Rather than waiting to organically gain a ranking on the first page, brands will pay to play in order to reach the top.

5. Increased Voice Search

Since more individuals are home, they are using their voice assistants more often. From Bixby and Siri to Alexa and Google, individuals are searching more by voice. This trend has always been growing, but it will be vital for a digital advertising agency to understand in 2021. Voice searches require a different SEO strategy than local SEO and mobile-friendly blogs. However, the results will speak for themselves once a proper voice search strategy is employed.

6. Deeper Customer Segmentation

A deeper understanding of the customer will be required in order to fully market to them in 2021. The more time someone spends online, more information about them can be learned and logged into a CRM. From the pages they visit on your website to which emails they actually opened and clicked on, a complete understanding of your customer can be achieved. This information can be used to segment them into proper marketing campaigns, which will garner the highest ROI.

7. More Interactive Content

Static, one-way conversations are an idea of the past. In 2021, interactive content and meaningful conversations will be the new normal. Social media stories, polls, forms, quizzes, and more will take over the social media realm. Individuals who spend time interacting with brands in 2021 will want to feel like they are part of the conversation rather than part of the crowd.

2021 Will Bring New Digital Advertising Trends 

It is no secret that the world we live in is changing rapidly. From the way we interact with one another to how often we leave our home, 2021 will bring about many changes. It is important for brands of all sizes to understand the digital advertising trends that are quickly arriving.

Digilant is the digital advertising agency you can trust to monitor, learn, and adapt to these trends as they arrive. Your marketing campaigns will incorporate the latest trends of 2021 and every year’s trends moving forward. Please do not hesitate to contact us today and inquire about our digital advertising services.

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