Holiday Retail Advertising Guide: Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

For retail brands and advertisers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping holidays of the year. Fortunately, programmatic advertising can help them reach shoppers looking to nab a deal. But it would be a mistake to target the shoppers for these retail extravaganzas as one audience.
New research from Digilant indicates that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers have considerable differences. Digilant’s new study — An Advertiser’s Guide to Target U.S. Holiday Retail Shoppers – explores Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers on a variety of elements: shopping habits, interests, preferences, and purchase intent. It provides insight into who Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers truly are, the common attributes that both audiences share, and what sets one audience of shoppers apart from the other. Brand advertisers concerned about how to most efficiently spend their programmatic advertising budget should consider the attributes of these shoppers as it could provide valuable insight into who they should target and the messages they should deliver. The study’s findings are derived from a consumer data analysis developed by Digilant’s Consumer Persona — a proprietary consumer insights and predictive modeling technology that reveals a deeper understanding of consumer choices and behaviors. The findings are depicted in the following infographic, and underscore the importance of leveraging granular data to better understand your target audience. For retail advertisers seeking to engage shoppers during the two most profitable shopping holidays, the first step to effective advertising is to dive deep into consumer data to truly understand who each audience is. This level of audience understanding is a requirement for marketers seeking to be more strategic and thoughtful about how they reach and engage in-market consumers through programmatic media buys. Is your team ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? How are you leveraging programmatic for the holiday retail season?
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Digilant Mexico and Busca Fuska walk for a noble cause

On November 6 Digilant Mexico gathered at a park in Mexico City to support some associations that promote animal adoption. We did it with Busca Fuska, a digital platform that serves as a network to exhibit photos of animals that have been rescued and are currently in shelters ready to be adopted. Digilant Cares Mexico is committed to raise awareness among members of the Mexican society on this issue, so it was the perfect moment to participate with the associations.

For the activity, several members of the office happily help walking dogs that needed to find a permanent home. This is a recurrent and growing issue that has been present in our society, which is why we decided to support this cause. Getting involved and making a difference in Mexico is part of what Digilant stands for.
‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’ Mahatma Gandhi

Digilant México y Busca Fuska en marcha por una causa noble

El 6 de noviembre, Digilant México se reunió en un parque de la Ciudad de México para apoyar a diversas asociaciones que promocionan la adopción de animales. Fuimos con Busca Fuska, una plataforma digital que sirve como red para mostrar fotos de animales rescatados que se encuentran actualmente en albergues pendientes de su adopción. Digilant Cares México está comprometido con las labores de concienciación de la sociedad mexicana con este tema, así que este fue el momento idóneo para colaborar con las diferentes asociaciones.

Para esta actividad, varios integrantes del equipo pasearon felizmente con perros que necesitan un hogar permanente. Se trata de un problema recurrente y cada vez mayor en nuestra sociedad. Es por ello que decidimos apoyar a esta causa. Involucrarse y conseguir tener un impacto en México es una parte de lo que representa Digilant.

“La grandeza de una nación y su progreso moral pueden ser juzgados por la manera en que se trata a sus animales” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Millennial Consumer Persona Voter Study

The need for gun control in the U.S is the topic that concerns the most U.S. Millennial voters, 18-36 years old. Their opinion is relevant, since the Millennial population has surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest generation of U.S voters. They are also the most digitally connected generation, freely sharing their preferences, beliefs and opinions in social media environments.

A recent data analysis conducted by Digilant, examines Millennials’ social media conversations leading up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The study reveals insights about what Millennials estimate to be the most important issues. To develop this analysis Digilant used its Consumer Persona proprietary insight and predictive modeling technology in combination with ispDigital  company, Acceso’s consumer analysis technology to discover insights and data points that relate to U.S. Millennial voter preferences, interests and opinions.

Download the results in ENGLISH or SPANISHContact us if would like to learn more about how to apply this data to your programmatic strategy.


Enervee Taps Digilant for Custom Data-Driven Programmatic Solution

Partnership enables Enervee to merge real-time efficiency data, with consumption and consumer data, to extend audience reach and boost engagement. 

Boston – November 1, 2016. Digilant, a global programmatic media company that partners with agencies and brands to provide custom digital advertising solutions, today announced its partnership with Enervee, the innovative consumer energy efficiency company.  The agency will develop a comprehensive programmatic solution for Enervee to ramp-up customer engagement and drive acquisition.

A pioneer in the programmatic advertising industry that delivers next generation targeting, Digilant will partner with Enervee on a custom programmatic advertising solution to help them better reach their target audience. Digilant’s custom solution is designed to merge the Enervee’s unique energy efficiency data (the Enervee Score) and first party customer data, with second party and third party consumer data. It will deliver highly relevant product offerings and messaging to consumers. This approach will allow Enervee to reach new audience segments at scale with relevant product offerings. First party data sources include purchase, email, on-site browsing, price point and location data. Second and third party data sources include social listening data along with contextual, behavioral, affinity and app-ownership data.

“Digilant is excited to partner with Enervee on a custom solution to unlock their potential to drive increased customer engagement and acquisition,” said Alan Osetek, CEO of Digilant. “This partnership will allow us to tap into a wealth of first party data and real-time data to deliver programmatic campaigns that engage both new and existing audiences across display, social and email inventory.”

Enervee is the world’s first energy-smart data and commerce platform that enables consumers to make energy-smart buying decisions through energy efficient product rankings and recommendations.

Enervee connects consumers and utilities through its dynamic utility Marketplace platform that collects, cleans and curates a range of data feeds on product and appliance energy performance.  The output of Enervee’s platform includes the daily updated Enervee Score for each product. This simple 0-100 scale tells consumers at a glance how energy efficient a product is compared to relevant others in its category. Today, over 36,881 products are being scored by Enervee, based on real-time energy consumption and cost data, serving more than 20 million households for utilities including Pacific Gas and Electric, E.ON UK, San Diego Gas and Electric, and Con Edison.

“Our goal is simple. We want to help consumers not just make energy efficient choices, but to make the most energy efficient choices. And we want to make those choices simple and compelling. Because of that, we are constantly looking for better ways to leverage data to improve the buying experience,” said Matthias Kurwig CEO and Co-founder of Enervee. “As a data company ourselves, we chose to partner with Digilant because we need a sophisticated and custom programmatic approach that will allow us to capitalize on multiple layers of data. Digilant has the proven expertise to do exactly that. This solution will allow us to extend audience reach and deliver creative relevancy through data-driven programmatic. Our team appreciates Digilant’s consultative approach in working with brands that want to push the advertising envelope.”

About Digilant
Digilant, a global programmatic media pioneer, partners with the world’s leading agencies and brands to provide customized and scalable programmatic media solutions. Powered by insightful and actionable data science, Digilant’s display, video, mobile, and social solutions are delivered through a world-class service offering. The company’s advanced technology platform, which includes a data management platform (DMP), connects brands with relevant and unique audiences by activating first party, third party,and its own proprietary data. Headquartered in Boston, Digilant has offices in New York, Chicago and San Francisco, and across the globe in Barcelona, Bogota, Lima, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Monterrey, Santiago, and Sao Paulo. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @Digilant_US.  Digilant is an ispDigital Group Company (
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ispDigital is a technology-based marketing services holding company driving innovation and solutions at the intersection of earned, owned and paid media. Together Acceso (earned), Antevenio (owned), and Digilant (paid) provide cross channel and cross device, closed loop marketing solutions.  Headquartered in Boston and Barcelona, ispDigital has offices in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. ispDigital is majority owned by Inversiones y Servicios Publicitarios (ISP), an investment company fully owned by the Rodés family. For more information visit

About Enervee
Enervee® is the world’s first energy-smart data and commerce platform that connects utilities, retailers, manufacturers and governments through integrated product rankings and recommendations – distributed via online, in-store, mobile and social channels. Marketplace provides a data driven and objective way of comparing a product’s energy consumption (via the Enervee Score), product popularity and price worthiness, based on industry standards, against all models available on the market. Through its innovative SaaS platform, Enervee provides the most up-to-date market information to help drive better energy-smart buying decisions, and to help utilities build stronger relationships with their customers, deliver on their energy efficiency programs and open up new revenue opportunities. Enervee’s consumer site is available at

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