General Olympics Fans vs. Targeted Olympics Fans

Digilant leveraged its Consumer Persona technology to conduct a study that took a deeper look into the interests, preferences and behavior of consumers who are General Olympics Fans vs. Niche Olympic Sports Fans.

The study reveals key differences between these two audiences – for example, consumers who are rugby fans and skiers are 154.23% more likely to be fans of targeted and less mainstream Olympic sports.

For marketers, the findings demonstrate missed opportunity and underscore the importance of leveraging advanced programmatic targeting technology to better reach an audience.

ispDigital Acquires 83.09% of Antevenio Shares

– 32% of the capital of Antevenio has been purchased during the tender offer that opened on September 5th.

– Antevenio is part of ispDigital, together with Acceso and Digilant. The three companies total 1,000+ clients and 500+ professionals.

BOSTON, Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The tender offer launched by ispDigital, owned by the Rodés family, on Antevenio’s shares has been closed with the acceptance of 1.36 million shares, representing 32.34% capital of the company.

This percentage is added to the 50.74% ispDigital already owned. As a result, the total percentage of shares of Antevenio owned by ispDigital is 83.09%. The operation took place at a price of 6 euros per share, the same agreed with the founder and CEO of Antevenio, Joshua Novick, for the sale of his 11.89% stake in early August this year. The purchase of Mr. Novick’s stake in August provided ispDigital with company ownership that exceeded 50% (50.74%), legally forcing ispDigital to extend the tender offer.

Antevenio is a company with 19 years of experience in performance and brand marketing and is a pioneer in the digital industry in Spain. In 2007 Antevenio became the first Spanish SME to trade on the stock exchange. It closed 2015 with a turnover of 24.2 million euros, 11% more than the previous year.
Antevenio is part of ispDigital along with Acceso and Digilant. The CEO of ispDigital, Don Epperson, said: “this acquisition allows us to increase synergies, to improve communication and marketing solutions we offer to brands, and to consolidate and expand our international activity in markets such as the US, Europe and Latin America.”

Joshua Novick, CEO of Antevenio, comments: “belonging to a larger marketing technology group, not only will help Antevenio to increase their customer base, but also to better serve the current ones, offering a more complete and innovative product portfolio.”

ispDigital is a group leader in technology-based marketing & communications services with three arms: Acceso (earned media), Antevenio (owned media) and Digilant (paid media). Together they offer innovative cross-channel and cross-device solutions. Through technology, proprietary tools, and human intelligence ispDigital identifies consumer’s values and needs, and engages them in a customized and real time dialogue. With its algorithm generation capability and the creation of proprietary technology platforms, ispDigital helps brands building and managing their reputation when participating online in relevant conversations with their communities of interest. ispDigital has offices in Argentina, Chile, Columbia, France, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.


About ispDigital
ispDigital is a technology-based marketing services holding company driving innovation and solutions at the intersection of earned, owned and paid media. Together Acceso (earned), Antevenio (owned), and Digilant (paid) provide cross channel and cross device, closed loop marketing solutions. Headquartered in Boston and Barcelona, ispDigital has offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, France, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. ispDigital is majority owned by Inversiones y Servicios Publicitarios (ISP), an investment company fully owned by the Rodés family. For more information visit

About Antevenio
Antevenio is a pioneer and well-known company in the marketing technology and digital industry in Spain. Founded in 1997 by Joshua Novick, who is still leading the company as Chief Executive Officer, offers solutions based in proprietary technology for both advertisers and web editors via: Rich & Reach, MDirector and Antevenio Go! Antevenio trades since 2007 in the NYSE-Alternext in Paris and has offices in: Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, and Paris. For more information visit
SOURCE ispDigital

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Digilant: Marketing Digital Transparente

Desde hace un tiempo se habla muy fuerte sobre “compra programática” y las ventajas que puede ofrecer a los anunciantes en términos de la consecución de resultados. Si bien es cierto, la compra programática ofrece muchos factores que podríamos analizar largo y tendido, me quiero detener en uno que para Digilant es crucial al punto de que lo sentimos como parte central de nuestra estretegia de trabajo: la transparencia.

Cada vez que me siento frente a un cliente y les hablo de programática, una de las características en que mayor hincapié hago es en que programática no es comprar más barato ni más caro, sino comprar a un precio justo. Pero de poco sirve comprar a un precio justo, o decir que así se hace, si al final no sabemos a qué precio estamos comprando, y en Digilant queremos cambiar un poco esa mentalidad que aún se mantiene en nuestra industria. Claramente comprar a un precio fijo ofrece la ventaja de saber que por nuestro presupuesto vamos a obtener un cierto mínimo determinado de lo que estemos comprando, pero el problema es que esta cantidad no siempre es resultado de una compra más eficiente, tanto en términos cuantitativos como cualitativos; es decir, no estamos haciendo rendir nuestro presupuesto de la manera adecuada.

Ejemplo: Un anunciante tiene una campaña cuyo objetivo es llenar un mínimo de 1.000 formularios. Para lograr ese objetivo, destina un presupuesto de $10.000, por lo que el costo promedio de cada formulario va a ser de $10. Por su parte, con esos $10 el proveedor va a lograr el formulario a un costo que solo él conoce y al final de la campaña va a entregar los 1.000 formularios que el anunciante “compró” y ambos van a quedar felices con el negocio hecho. Pero, ¿qué pasa cuando el proveedor consigue los formularios a un costo bajísimo, digamos $2? Claramente el proveedor se siente satisfecho ya que ganó $8 por formulario, pero por el lado del anunciante, que efectivamente logró el número solicitado inicialmente, obtuvo sólo un 20% de los formularios que podría haber obtenido con su presupuesto total. Sabiendo esto, el anunciante ya no estará tan contento con los resultados de su inversión a pesar de haber obtenido lo contratado.

En Digilant buscamos que los anunciantes nos confíen sus presupuestos de la misma manera en que lo hacen hasta ahora, pero sin la restricción de un precio fijo para así hacerlos rendir de manera más eficiente y entregando la mayor cantidad de resultados, convirtiéndonos no sólo en un proveedor más, sino en un asesor de marketing digital. Todos nuestros clientes pueden solicitar acceso a nuestra plataforma para conocer cómo se está llevando a cabo la estrategia digital para su campaña en medios digitales.articuloeduardo

Press Release: Trend Watch: Digilant to Share Top Programmatic Trends at the iMedia Brand Summit

Digilant’s CEO, Alan Osetek, will discuss how state-of-the art programmatic technology has evolved the channel into a custom solution, and how top brands are tapping into its power.

BOSTON, Sept. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Digilant, a leading global programmatic media company that partners with brands and agencies to provide customized programmatic advertising solutions, today announced that its Global CEO, Alan Osetek, will speak on a panel at the iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado, California, next week. Osetek will discuss how programmatic has evolved, the power of state-of-the-art programmatic technology, and how brands are leveraging custom programmatic solutions to solve complex business challenges today.

The session, entitled “The Power of Programmatic Data,” will be held on Monday, September 12th from 10:40-11:10 AM at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort. During the panel discussion, Osetek will speak to how programmatic has evolved, including top trends in the channel today. He will also show how leading brands are using custom programmatic solutions to help them address business challenges, and share key insights on how brands can apply programmatic data to optimize their media buys across channels.

“Programmatic has evolved considerably — state-of-the-art programmatic technology helps brands solve complex business challenges today,” said Alan Osetek, Global CEO, Digilant. “But many marketers aren’t aware of the true power of programmatic now – they still think of it as a simple media buy for individual campaigns. Not only are they using outdated programmatic technology, they also are missing out on the power of programmatic to help them solve bigger business issues. Smart marketers should fully capitalize on all that programmatic offers today, and use it to gain a competitive advantage.”

Christian Arens, Managing Director, iMedia Communications, Inc., will moderate the panel discussion between Osetek, Aaron Chan, Senior Marketing Technology Manager at Clorox, and Lisa Archambault, Director of Digital Media at Caesars Entertainment.

The iMedia Brand Summit is a multi-day educational summit that will address emerging consumer trends, and how brand marketers can best meet the expectations of today’s consumers. Brand marketers, marketing executives, digital marketing managers, search and social managers will be in attendance.

For more information on the iMedia Brand Summit, visit
For more information about Digilant, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @Digilant_US.

About Digilant
Digilant, a global programmatic media pioneer, partners with the world’s leading agencies and brands to provide customized and scalable programmatic media solutions. Powered by insightful and actionable data science, Digilant’s display, video, mobile, and social solutions are delivered through a world-class service offering. The company’s advanced technology platform, which includes a data management platform (DMP), connects brands with relevant and unique audiences by activating first party, third party and its own proprietary data. Headquartered in Boston, Digilant has offices in Barcelona, Bogota, Lima, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Monterrey, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, and across the U.S. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @Digilant_US. Digilant is an ispDigital Group Company.

About ispDigital
ispDigital is a technology-based marketing services holding company driving innovation and solutions at the intersection of earned, owned and paid media. Together Acceso (earned), Antevenio (owned), and Digilant (paid) provide cross channel and cross device, closed loop marketing solutions. Headquartered in Boston and Barcelona, ispDigital has offices in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. ispDigital is majority owned by Inversiones y Servicios Publicitarios (ISP), an investment company fully owned by the Rodés family. For more information visit

Down Madrid and Digilant visit Real Madrid’s football team Stadium

Taking advantage of the sports week in Madrid and the Down Madrid kids being still on summer holidays, Digilant team and Down Madrid children went to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home of the Real Madrid players. It was quite an adventure, and both kids and employees had a great time. Everyone was supporter of Real Madrid football team, which made it even better!

The meeting point was at “Tres Olivos Center”. Once everyone had arrived, Digilant volunteers and the children, accompanied by specialised personnel took the subway to get to the stadium. Kids where very excited about getting on the subway without their parents.

Once in the stadium they made a tour around the field, the changing rooms and finalised the visit in the trophies room. It was a dream came true for the children as well as of for many of the Digilant volunteers!
Real Madrid 2    Real Madrid 1

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