Olympics Fans Are Concerned About the Environment, Extroverted and Interested in Healthy Living

With the games in Sochi coming to a close, numbers suggest that online viewership is at an all-time high. According to the Los Angeles Times, Olympics Fans are streaming 54% more digital content than they did during the Vancouver games just four years ago. With so many fans online, Digilant set out to understand what characteristics are indicative of the US Olympics audience. Here’s what we learned.

In general US Olympics Fans are 436% more likely to be interested in sports and they are 152% more likely to be interested in healthy living. They travel 127% more frequently than non-Olympics Fans and are 189% more likely than the average online user to be concerned about the environment. They watch other major sporting events such as the Super Bowl and March Madness and they have kids in their household. They are 73% more likely to be interested in music and the arts, 39% more likely to be business professionals and 47% more likely to be extraverts.

Who Are Valentine’s Day Online Shoppers? Digilant Breaks It Down Just In Time for the Holiday

It’s Valentine’s Day! With the candy-heart Holiday upon us Digilant conducted an analysis of Valentine’s Day shoppers to determine what characteristics make up their online behaviors. Here’s what we found.
Overall Valentine’s Day Shoppers are 1,072% more likely to be in a relationship and 463% more likely to be engaged. They are 375% more likely to know someone in the military and 200% more likely to have an advanced degree. They prefer Apple products, are interested in hiking and are more likely to watch romantic movies than the average online shopper. They are 117% more likely to travel for business and 100% more likely to be trendy homemakers. And when they turn to the radio for some romantic jams this weekend, they are 92% more likely to listen to rock music over other genres.

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